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No student shall be allowed to take the University examination at the end of each semester in a subject if the student concerned has not attended minimum of 70% of the classes held in the subject concerned as also in the Moot court exercises, Tutorials & practical training conducted in subject taken together. Separate 70% attendance is also required in each of the compulsory clinical courses .Provided that if a student for any exceptional reasons fails to attend 70% of the classes held in any subject, the University may condone the shortage of attendance as per existing Rules. Provided further that a list of such students who are allowed to take the examination with reasons recorded, be forwaded by the University to the Bar Council of India before the student is allowed to appear for the concerned Semester examination


There shall be compulsory internship of 20 weeks during the entire course. The internship shall be equally divided among the five years of the Course.


There will be University Examination at the end of each semester . Only the candidates who have secured the prescribed attendance & whose conduct & progress have been cirtified as satisfactory by the Principal will be admitted to the examination. Each paper carries 100 marks. The marks of of written papers except the four papers of Practical Training are set apart in the following manners.

Internal Assessment 25 Marks
External University Examination 75 Marks
Total 100 Marks

The performance of students in practical training papers will assessed by a team of faculty members appointed in that regard. There will be a viva voce which may cover all the Law subjects taught for the whole programme.


Attendence 5 Marks
Class Room assignment 10 Marks
Test paper 10 Marks
Total 25 Marks

A Grievence Redressal Cell Constituited by the Principal will examine written complaints in respect of Internal assessment. Complaints shall be preffered within 5 days from the publication of Marks & the decision of cell shall be final.

Marks for attendance shall be granted as follows:-

Below 70% attendance Nil
70% to 79% 1 Marks
80% to 84% 2 Marks
85% to 89% 3 Marks
90% to 94% 4 Marks
95% & above 5 Marks


  1. A Candidate who secures not less than Fourty percentage (40) marks in the Iinternal & External examinations separately & also an aggregate of Fifty percentage (50%) of the total marks for that paper shall be declared to have passed the examination in that paper .
  2. A candidate who passes all the papers & secures 50% or more of the aggregate marks for all the ten semesters shall be declared to have passed whole examination in Second class.
  3. Successful candidates with 60% marks & above in aggregate for all the ten semesters shall be declared to have passed the examination in First class.
  4. Successful candidates with 75% marks or above in the aggregate for the all ten semesters shall be declared to have passed the examination with distinction provided he/she passes all the examination within the period of whole programme.
  5. Ranking shall be done on the basics of marks obtained by the candidate in the whole examination passed in the first chance.


Separate accomadation will be provided for boys & girls


Ragging in any form, within or beyond the College premises is strictly prohibited. Those who indulge in ragging will be strictly punished under the Kerala prohibition of Ragging Act. 1998. The Govt. order (Rt.) No. 1943/2005/H.Edn dated 21.11.2005. The University Grants commission Regulations on Curbing the Menace of Ragging in Higher Educational Instituitions 2009 & the decisions of the Supreme Court of India & The High Court of Kerala


The College strictly enforces its rule of Discipline & non – adherence to these rules makes the students liable to disciplinary action which may range from warning to rustication. The rules of discipline of the college include the following :-

  1. Students must attend Lectures , Moot Court etc. as per the time table .
  2. No students shall do anything which will disrupt teaching Curricular or Co-carricular activities, Examination, Administrative work etc
  3. No student is allowed to indulge in political activities in College premises.
  4. No society or association shall be formed in the college without the prior permission of the Principal .
  5. No student shall display any notice /circular/poster/baner in the college premises without the prior permission of the Principal.
  6. All types of protest demonstrations , processions, shouting etc. are prohibited within the college premises.
  7. All meetings , cultural programs, debates, etc. organized in the college premises must be conducted in the presence of faculty members & with prior permission of the principal .
  8. Outsiders are not permitted in college premises without the prior permission of the principal.
  9. Smoking & use of alcoholic substances , drugs, pan masala etc. are strictly prohibited in the college premises.
  10. Students shall not use mobile phones in college premises.
  11. Students shall not loiter on the college premises during class hours
  12. Strict action will be taken against students involved in malpractices at University/college examinations.
  13. Students shall not do anything that that will tarnish the image of the college while they are inside or outside college campus.
  14. Strict action will be taken against the student damaging college property & such students will have to compensate the damage caused.
  15. The dress code prescribed by the college shall be followed by the students.
  16. All directions issued by the authorities for the smooth functioning of the college have to be complied with all by students.


The college will remain closed closed for midsummer vacation for two months during April & May, also ten days each for Onam & Christmas holidays.

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